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ATC Unplugged: "Transparency Sells Better Than Perfection"

Thursday, August 18, 2022

12:00 PM - 01:00 PM


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A consumer research study changed my life. As it turns out, transparency sells better than perfection. And, due to the proliferation of reviews and feedback on everything we do, buy and experience, we now have to be transparent anyway. In this talk, we explore the science of how we, as humans, engage, prioritize, decide, and ultimately buy. We then dig into how to immediately apply those learnings to our messaging, positioning, and overall buying journey. In this one-part entertaining, two-parts head-slapping insights, and two-parts immediately actionable talk, your selling philosophy will become, as Tyra Banks calls it, “flawsome”!

About Todd Caponi:

Todd Caponi is the author of the 3x best-book-award-winning and international best-seller, The Transparency Sale, and his newly released (July 5th) bestseller The Transparent Sales Leader. Todd’s day job is as a speaker and workshop leader as Principal of Sales Melon LLC. He is a multi-time C-level sales leader, a behavioral science and sales history nerd, and has guided two companies to successful exits. He now speaks and teaches revenue organizations on leveraging transparency and decision science to maximize their revenue capacity.

About ATC:

The Austin Technology Council's mission is to support the Central Texas tech industry as a global leader in technology and business. We believe community and collaboration are essential in helping companies and people reach their full potential. We cultivate a robust community that enjoys learning, innovating, and growing together through public programming that promotes thought leadership and networking, and by providing a platform for our members to share their expertise and forge industry connections across sectors.

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