VR: “Getting Through the Noise When 10M People Are Unemployed” with Intry

Wednesday, April 08, 2020
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
StarLeaf online conference platform

 “Getting Through the Noise When 10M People Are Unemployed" hosted by Intry

The team from Intry, an HR technology that uses AI and algorithms to better match job candidates and employers by up to 240%, discusses the new challenges both job seekers and employers are currently facing, and how to block out the hiring noise when unemployment rates have grown to a shocking 10M so abruptly.

Who should attend?

This discussion covers how job seekers can make the most of every available job opportunity while employers can also pivot their approach to reach more accurate candidates. Both job seekers and employers are welcome to attend

Special thanks to our speakers

Jennifer Sethre, CEO & Founder at Intry

Aquiles Mata, COO, CTO at Intry

Tegan Gainan, Marketing Manager at Intry


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